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Let's talk. I have lots to say.

Tiny Farming & Holistic Living

Holistic nutrition & yoga are my current pathways into the healing arts. While I learn-- I share. Your questions fuel my ability to serve and learn, so please, ask away!! Currently taking my 200 YTT training-woot!

I'm also focused on CBD, cannabis, medicinal mushrooms, herbalism & tiny farming. I'm actively pursuing certifications in Cannabis, CBD and (soon) herbalism, so the information I share comes from my curriculums & mentors. I'm also a sales rep for Tower Gardens, so you'll find vertical farming resources on my platforms.

Essays & Art

At my core, I'm a documentarian. I observe. I photograph. I write. I'm an award-winning documentary photographer whose body of work explores the beauty in chaos. I currently explore the intersections of humanity & technology (and more) on my newsletter.

While I no longer take professional assignments or commissions, please feel free to reach out to me using the email below with questions.

My newsletters are filled with holistic & introspective living essays along with tons of resources for you! Visit this link to read back issues and sign up for the latest issues!

Crystals & energy

The desert is calling & I must go! I spend a fair amount of time wandering the deserts & mountains searching for crystals, stories & peace. I carefully curate my collection and source from miners who use sustainable practices whenever possible.

Due to the global pandemic, I am only offering my crystals through Etsy until it's safe to sell them in person. Please join the community to stay in the loop.


My Dharma is to create. To teach. To connect. Please use the methods below to reach out or support the work.
I'm listening.